Many enterprises depend on a series of incompatible software applications running on a variety of platforms to manage their business processes. This data collection and transfer is the lifeblood of any enterprise. Applications must often be made to “speak” to one another so that enterprise-critical data reaches the correct destination in the correct form.

Since most enterprises often deploy unrelated applications, e.g. a point-of-sale system from one vendor, an inventory management system from another, the data cannot reach it intended destination without the integration of “middleware” that allows each application to accept, interpret, and route the data correctly. Blattner consulting routinely implements custom middleware solutions to complete efficient integration of applications on different platforms including:

  • Integration of front-end B2B systems with back-end applications
  • Extraction, transformation and transport of data to multiple applications and partners
  • Automation and integration of business processes
  • Batch and real time interfaces

At the core of any successful data initiative are sound technology strategies and to truly maximize the potential of your system, we use rigorous software development methodologies to ensure any customization is of the highest quality.

We also understand that assessing needs correctly is crucial to your success and we make it our primary task to understand the specific business issues you face as well as your time lines, productivity needs, and priorities. We will conduct a thorough and systematic analysis of your needs and determine the feasibility of all viable alternative and emerging technology options in order to save you time and money, and to ultimately prepare you to increase your productivity.

Once the components of your solution have been determined, we will align strategy with technology to deliver total solutions that provide a measurable return on investment.