Our clients are often concerned that internal resources won't be able to keep E business and IT operations up and running as threats from viruses, hackers and disaster continue to increase. Also, additional hardware costs can result in significant operational overhead. We help our clients drive down total cost of ownership with our strategic hosting options.

Blattner consulting hosting services provide the total solution, allowing our clients to concentrate on your core mission. By having Blattner consulting set up, host, and support your applications on our highly reliable, secure infrastructure, you are free to focus your valuable resources directly on your business needs.

Blattner consulting hosting services provide you with state of the art expertise. We know our lients applications better than anyone and we ensure that systems are always up-to-date and properly configured. We protect our clients assets through our investment in the best hosting technologies available, which allows for scaleable solutions. We make data readily available while ensuring its security and integrity and retain accountability for the whole system.

Blattner consulting hosting can be selected to host all, or just a part of our clients global needs including:

  • Applications
  • Storage
  • Web
  • Midrange
  • Mainframe

Our industry-leading Automated Hosting Services infrastructure provides fully managed, fully scalable, highly secure services that deliver guaranteed performance for your business demands.