All of our services our offered on a “vendor agnostic” basis and in addition to expertise with all major software vendors, our goal is to create a secure, scalable, high performance networks that advance our client's business strategy.

Networking involves design, installation and support of desktop computers, fileservers, network electronics and peripherals. Our clients networks sustain the company’s infrastructure, everything that supports the flow and processing of information. Blattner consulting design, implement and support custom network infrastructure solutions which help our clients achieve dependable network performance. Our comprehensive expertise provides solutions which are tailored to our clients' diverse needs and we always strive to increase productivity and lower the total cost of ownership.

Our methodology is simple — our knowledgeable and experienced consultants analyze your environment and your objectives, suggest the equipment & software that will be most productive, efficient and cost-effective for your business, provide you with a competitive quote and then install and configure it.

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey network solution for your small business or a custom option tailored specifically to your company’s needs, Blattner consulting can provide guidance in the following areas:

  • Network design
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Remote access solutions
  • In-office mail and web hosting
  • Remote office connectivity (VPN)
  • Network security design and auditing
  • Performance monitoring
  • Voice and data cabling

With IT Consulting Services provided by Blattner consulting, your business acquires years of experience in building and managing networks without the costs associated with hiring in-house, IT staff.